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What do you get for £199

High-end, bespoke and functional

Creating an online presence is essential for any professional mistress who is serious about promoting themselves.

However, the cost is always a factor. It’s important that we offer a low-cost website for every professional mistress wishing to get online and start promoting. 

The beauty of our WordPress websites, and in particular our start-up package is the fact that at any point your new website can be upgraded by you or your website developer

Once your new multifunction website has been created you are able to go ahead and promote your professional Mistress services on Mistress Directories by adding the banner onto your link section.


Whenever you wish to add more information, in the form of another page, an image gallery or a shop there is no challenge here. This can be done any time by yourself, your website developer or by the team at Web Video London. You have complete admin access to the whole website.

A powerful website

WordPress is an incredibly powerful platform and the professional BDSM Mistress website design package at £199 is no exception.

Your website includes security updates and a very important statistics counter. This will let you know where your clients are coming from and which pages they are viewing.

Professional Mistress website

The professional BDSM Mistress website design package at Web Video London offers, provides you with the amazing benefits of the WordPress content management system.

A huge amount of content can be displayed over 3 pages. These pages can consist of whatever information you wish.

Ideally, your homepage should have the majority of the information. At the top of the page should be your hero shot. This would be a chosen image or video of yourself.

All the information relating to your products and services should ideally be on your homepage.

The second page can be used for pricing options or a more elaborate and detailed explanation of your services or can also include a gallery.

And lastly, the third can hold your contact information. This low-cost, affordable Website for professional BDSM Mistress is in the UK is an ideal starter website.

No monthly costs

No Extra Monthly Costs. Once you’re happy with your website and it is online, there will be no extra monthly costs to pay.




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