Our lovely team

John Dixon

Website Design & videography

A passionate and focused website designer and developer. John has 20 years experience working with website platforms and website development tools such as: WordPress, joomla, Photoshop, Final Cut, lightroom and after effects.  


John originally trained as a photographer and incorporated videography in his skill set whilst working with the BBC. 



With all his skills combined. John is able to understand the customers requirements and create the photo and video content which is needed.


Fleur nal

Website development & social media

Fleur is a seasoned digital marketing manager with 4 years of experience building and implementing strategies. 


She is focused on content-driven SEO, email marketing, and Adwords largely for small to medium sized ecommerce sites. Fleur has led large teams to achieve sales and traffic increases of up to 68% within 9 months.


Fleur certainly has an eye for detail and her creative talent certainly shine when creating social media ads. Focus on keywords and plenty of research to ensure the maximum amount of exposure for every campaign.


Daniel Vata

Search engine optimisation

Daniel has spent 10 years in the industry creating back links for large companies. Ultimately this has increased each of our customers and domain visibility and web ranking in just one month.Daniel only deals in grey and white hat back linking.


Search engine optimisation is one of the key areas in which Daniel flourishes. Carefully choosing buzzwords and specially created meta data to achieve maximum visibility on search engines with a focus on Google.


Daniel is passionate about achieving maximum visibility in the shortest period of time. He does a great job of achieving this every time for all our clients.