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Web Video London delivers exceptional results for clients in London, the UK and internationally. If you need help growing your traffic and conversions through organic search? Get in touch to see why we provide the amazing performing SEO Services.

Expert SEO

The SEO campaigns we provide are tailored specifically for your business’s strategic goals. This could be a start-up business looking for high growth or an established business which is developing SEO as its core digital marketing channel. Web video London’s aim is for your business to drive high quality traffic from search engines through to your website. Ultimately generating more business for you.
We will work closely with you to understand how search can influence your brand positioning. Additionally, your visibility and your online conversions. We have developed a White-hat SEO strategy that creates a great user experience and a high ROI.

A greater impact over time

Here at Web video London, we believe that we offer the highest impact SEO services. Our highly specialised and hard-working consultants will work alongside you and your current marketing efforts to maximise your investment into SEO. This will guarantee the long-term growth of your business.
Our aim is to fundamentally change your domain rating and encourage search engine such as Google to recommend your websites products and services above your competitors.
We purely engage in only white-hat SEO. Carefully monitoring and increasing your domain rating or domain authority month by month.
We do not engage in spammed (black-hat) procedures. You will not receive any penalties. At Web Video London we focus on quality and value.
Furthermore, the longevity of the success of your websites products and services sales is of the upmost importance. Carefully focusing on SEO white-hat protocols will successfully boost the organic growth of your website.

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What is seo

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Good SEO increases your websites ability to rank higher via search terms. Ultimately, this should result in more conversions for your business.
There are many ways to improve the SEO of your website.

Starting with your website health

At Web Video London we work from the ground up. The first place we would take a look at is your website. Ensuring that it has the correct secure socket location certificates or SSL installed. We also check the speed of your website and the size of the files. If your website is not performing as well as it could be then this will be a reason for your domain authority to be marked down.
Is your website too Old? Does it need updating? If your website is not fully responsive and is not optimised for all mobile devices this will also be a deciding factor as to whether or not your website authority will be lowered or raised.


Keywords are only indicative of success. The proof of its organic traffic and subsequent conversions will then translate into a successful keyword. This doesn’t mean discount keyword rankings should be dismissed completely. However, this should be taken with a pinch of salt.
Google and the other search engines are incredibly intelligent and are constantly evolving to favour websites which truly have an authority in the particular product, service or subjects which they are promoting. Your keywords or key phrase should absolutely reflect the content which is on that particular website page.
At web video London, this is what we would aim to do. We will take a look at the current content to make sure that he meets the currently Google guidelines. Which recommend 300 words or more per article. However, this has to be correctly formatted to have the best possible impact with search engines. So, in short, the content is important, the key phrase or keywords are important, the images and the image names are important. Additionally, the format of each article which is written matters. Sentences should be of a certain length, the right amount of punctuation marks, paragraph lengths, subheadings and headings.
Web Video London uses the content management system, WordPress. We also install plug-ins for wordPress which help to easily manage the SEO on each one of your websites pages.

Backlinking and affiliations

Back linking has been going on since people realise that the more people who see your website as a good place to be at and have placed a link on their website. The practice of black-hat linking, grey-hat linking and white-hat linking his changed over the past 10 years. At Web video London we do not engage in any black-hat or grey-hat linking. Grey and black-hat linking is not ethical. This is where a link is place covertly on another website linking back to yours. This will result in your website domain rating being lowered.
Video London only engages with white-hat linking. This also includes affiliations. Affiliations are when a arrangement has been made between two online organisations of which are related, to place a link on one website pointing to the other. This is a wonderful way of increasing your domain authority. If the back linking strategy has been clearly thought out where as links are placed on websites which currently have a high domain authority. Your website domain rating will increase quickly and exponentially.
Our SEO specialist will devise a carefully thought out plan to increase your domain authority by focusing on both back linking and affiliate linking.


Our combination of services ensures business success


“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rodgers

Beautiful, bespoke website design using the latest and greatest technologies. A true representation of your vision. Built on the WordPress platform using Elementor.
High quality content to populate your website and social media channels. Carefully planned shoots to create the best representation of your business.
Lovingly created graphics with eye-catching current media. Researched text and hashtags. Campaigns to increase followers and engagements to your website.