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Starting a small to medium business upgrading from an old website

What do you get for £399

Beautifully bespoke and ready to blog

The medium business website design package option is a great choice for any medium business. It’s an ideal option for people who wish to upgrade from their existing website to a website that is multifunctional, future-proofed and user friendly.

Full admin access allows the owner of the website to easily access content, amend and add new content as the business grows.

The Medium business website design package is geared around companies who have a social media presence and would like an Instagram and Twitter feed integrated within the website.

Additionally, the blog section of this website is set up ready to populate with relevant articles for the industry.

Included in the medium business website design package is a simple logo design solution. Necessary for brand awareness and to add individually to your brand.

There are always amendments and changes to be made. So with this in mind, the medium business website design package includes two hours of post creation amendments. This means that we are able to make additional changes up to 3 months after your website is online.

The full package

This is the first in a series of website packages that gives you everything you need to give you a complete online presence. Additionally, with the ability to upgrade your website using blogs and social media.

Blogs are incredibly important on your website as this is the best way to generate content and inform your customers about your products and services.

Ultimately, every blog Page which is posted increases your visibility within all search engines including Google.

Working together for a better business

Web video London workes very closely with our partners to ensure that, along every step of the website creation process. Our understandings are absolutely aligned.   

When the team at Web Video London refers to “working closely with our clients” we strive to get an accurate picture of exactly what our customer’s aims and goals are.

Be it brand awareness, or increased sales of the products or services. 
Every decision which is made on the website is crucial and will be the deciding factor as to whether or not a customer decides to invest their time and money in what you are promoting.
Font, colours, styling and the customer’s overall experience is a direct reflection on you and ultimately Web Video London.

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“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison

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For medium to large businesses. After-care, support and training.
For any size company who wishes to sell products or services.