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A: by using WordPress which is primarily a blogging website. We are able to implement a plug-in called Yoast. This is a powerful program which assists us to make the best of SEO and meet the ever-changing criteria of the algorithms set by Google and other  search engines.

A: On choosing package 1 we will create up to 10 pages for you and on package 2, 20 pages. Please note: your website is fully customisable and additional pages can be added by yourself, a web developer or if you choose, by us.

A: Yes, you can have a blog which you can update yourself with text and photos. Alternatively, we are able to do this for you. A blog is a wonderful idea to incorporate on your website as this helps your domain ranking and increase visibility.

A: yes, we can guarantee visitors to your website. However, the popularity of your website depends on many factors including: the frequency of your new content and uniqueness. Similarly, new images which are uploaded on your website and the publicity of your website. I’m afraid to say, the hard work comes after your website has been created and goes live. If you want more information on how to gain more visitors to your website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A: You are able to access your website at any time with your unique username and password. This can be used by you or your web developer. Alternatively, we are able to offer you a yearly package that gives you unlimited updates to the website for just £100 for the year. This equates to 3 hours in total. Please note: Package 2 gives you one year of free updates.

A: We will upload up to 100 photos for you if you choose package 1. If you choose package 2 we will upload up to 200 photos for you. Please note:your website is fully customisable and additional photos can be added by yourself, a web developer or if you choose, by us.

A:your website can be completed from start to finish within one week providing you provide the images and text which you would like on your website.

A: we can create a professional logo for you for a small charge of £75.00 However if you want a creative logo that is text-based. This is included in the total cost of your website.

A: yes, it’s very important for any business to know where traffic is coming from. Your website comes in with a built-in stats counter which will give you all the information you need to formulate a successful advertising campaign.