How to use Linkedin to your business benefit  

LinkedIn Marketing Tips

LinkedIn is not just a social media platform for job applications and networking. Most of the companies use the Linkedln platform for their focused marketing strategies. When you opening your company page on the LinkedIn platform, you can increase brand awareness and reach your target audience. By reaching out to brands, you can offer special offers and talk about your services. Such steps will raise the awareness of your brand and bring you new customers.

According to 2020 data, the number of registered members in the business world on LinkedIn has exceeded 660 million, and there are more than 30 million active company accounts. In addition, 97% of companies providing services in B2B publish content from Linkedln, and according to Google Analytics data, 45% of companies’ website traffic comes from Linkedln.


Creating a LinkedIn page

First, you need to create a company account. This company account will make you look more corporate and be an excellent way to reach your potential customers. The information about us on your company page is essential because the information written here will both create an opportunity to tell your customers about your services, and you can appear in the first place in Google search results.


Setting your goals

Do you want to increase brand awareness, or are you sales-oriented? You should set your Linkedln goals by answering questions like these. Setting your goals is essential for content planning, reaching potential customers, and announcing your services to the masses.


Getting to know your target audience

You can segment your target audience in areas such as Location, language, position, and industry. Then, you can use the Linkedin analytics tool to analyse what type of content your target audience likes. By examining the statistics in Linkedin analytics, you can quickly analyse your target audience and organise  your content according to this analysis.


Sharing content

Using videos and images while describing your services will increase your interaction rate. In addition, to strengthen your brand’s position in the sector, instead of sharing content that includes only your services, you should also share unique day content, congratulations content, what you do with the brands you serve, and how you achieve success. By creating a content sharing calendar, you should share your content consistently because posting regularly every day will significantly affect your engagement rate. If you use PDF and Slideshare, you can increase your sharing quality.