Pay monthly or all at once Websites?

Monthly fee websites vs one-time fee websites

Almost every company has a website nowadays. Those who don’t risk losing new customers and falling behind their competition. If you need a website for your company, you have two options: invest in a custom-built site or utilise a template from a pay-monthly service.


Subscription services are a common method of payment for software and services such as Microsoft Office and mobile phone contracts.

This article compares the two alternatives for creating a website for your company.

How do web development services operate?

Creating a custom website may be a costly endeavour that requires an investment of time and money. You must collaborate with an agency or web designer to construct the website. Using a template hosted on a site such as WordPress is the cheapest choice, but if you require something really unique, it may need to be built by an expert.

 In addition to design and development fees, you will incur hosting and management expenses.

The prices might be significant, but if everything goes according to plan, you will have a website that is tailored to your company and is completely unique.

Subscription based websites

Per month website
Paid websites monthly

Typically, subscription-based websites use a restricted number of themes. These templates might seem expert and function perfectly. Typically, you may add any required features, such as online ordering.

You will still need a web designer, but using the templates is quite simple.
It is feasible to construct and publish a website in a few hours if you are computer-savvy and know what you want to accomplish. In addition, the templates and websites are checked for compatibility with various platforms, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Due of the monthly direct debit option, subscription websites are advantageous for company.

The continuous connection should include customer assistance to assist you in managing the hosting, performance, and ongoing security of your website.


What are you purchasing?

When constructing a custom website, you will need to discuss your needs with the designer or design firm. The agreement should include website design, development, and testing.
Additionally, you will need a domain registration, hosting, and continuous administrative assistance.
Costs might soon accumulate. Depending on the service plan you choose, the degree of service you get from a subscription-based provider will vary.

All packages will include a design template, a domain name, a hosting plan, an email address, and a certain degree of continuous support. Access to extra capabilities, such as online merchant software, might be included in pricier, more complete packages.

Additionally, you may gain access to a greater server storage capacity, more email addresses, and quicker assistance.When deciding whether to do it alone or hire a subscription-based website builder, consider the following five factors.

1) Aesthetics, feel, and utility

Beautiful website design
Aesthetically beautiful Website

If you utilise a subscription service, you must use one of their accessible templates.
There are literally hundreds to pick from, and many of them are customizable, but there are constraints.

The majority of companies and organisations should have minimal difficulty locating a suitable template, but if you have precise and special needs, you may be better off creating your own site.

It’s not just about how the site appears, but also how it functions. Template sites have limited functionality, and it might be difficult (or impossible) to link them with other applications, such as databases, ecommerce systems, and CRMs.

However, a good solution is to opt for WordPress. Word press is supported by thousands of companies offering third-party plug-ins and Paige builders. This gives you the advantage of being able to customise your website at a very low cost. Additionally WordPress is optimised for integration with some of the worlds most popular e-commerce plug-ins. This will enable you to seamlessly integrate a online shop offering products or services.

2)Simple editing

Easy to edit website
Editing easily on the website

Even if you have very little technical experience, you may sometimes need to make a little adjustment to your website. When selecting a website provider, you should get a demonstration of the editing software.

Small modifications to your website, such as adding pages, uploading brochures or menus, and revising business hours and pricing, should be quick and uncomplicated.

The majority of custom-made websites are built on an editable platform such as WordPress.
You must update the programme and any plug-ins to ensure that you have the most recent versions.

Builders of subscription websites utilise their own custom-built platforms, but they should all function similarly and be easy to change.
Before picking a platform, you may often enjoy a free trial period; thus, we propose that you test out many platforms to choose which you like.

3)Secure web hosting

Very secure website hosting
Secure and fast website hosting

Choose a business that can back up your website and customer data to data centres in the United Kingdom. This will guarantee that your website is secure, quick to load, and compliant with the most recent data protection requirements. Additionally, a Google-friendly SSL certificate should be supplied by default.

It demonstrates that your website conforms with security requirements, assures users that they may use your site with trust, and improves your search engine rankings, since Google favours SSL-secured websites.

4) complete ownership

I don’t own my own website

The chance that they would lose access to their website if they cancel their membership is one factor that occasionally deters company owners from selecting a “pay monthly” website.
Before proceeding, check with your service provider what would occur if you terminated your contract.

Idealistically, they should be able to supply you with a “static” version of your website that may be modified by your next collaborator.

If you are designing your own website, you should have full access to all components.
However, migrating whole websites and hosting may be difficult and needs expert assistance and a great deal of patience.

5) Assistance and guidance

Website support and assistance
Support and assistance with your website

The website development process is just the beginning.
You will inevitably need assistance at some point, so pick carefully.

Most website providers provide some amount of customer care, but you should verify that it matches your needs.
Many subscription-based companies only provide online assistance through email or chatbots, so it is doubtful that you will be able to talk with a real person after your website becomes live.

Look for UK-based contact centres or service providers with local-rate or toll-free helpdesk numbers, and verify that you’ll be interacting with a team member with specialist expertise, as opposed to a hired receptionist.

If you are constructing your own website but lack an in-house IT team, you might consider hiring a local expert who is familiar with you and your company.

Even in this digital era, there is frequently no alternative for a face-to-face encounter in your home or place of business.
It is particularly useful when you are beginning to sketch your thoughts or when you need someone to demonstrate how everything works.

Making a decision

If you can afford a hefty upfront cost, are technologically savvy, and have enough time (or a dedicated digital employee), you may decide to accept possession of a finished website and manage it “in-house.”
Then, you will only pay for large-scale alterations and larger repairs that you cannot do yourself.

However, it is important to note that a website is never really “completed.”
Search engines are continuously modifying their algorithm use and refining their security criteria.
Connecting various applications and social media platforms can necessitate periodic adjustments.

This implies that websites must also adapt and evolve in order to continue functioning effectively, appearing nice, being safe, and offering the greatest potential display for your organisation.

A subscription service might be suitable if you need flexibility, continuing assistance, and the opportunity to spread the payment out over time.
Your website may not be entirely customised for your company, but it should look great and perform well across all devices with minimal input and effort.